A Second Helping of Stories and Recipes from CIA Families all over the world.

Cooking Undercover, Eating in the Open.

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This second volume of Spies, Black Ties and Mango Pies provides a rare glimpse into the lives of Central Intelligence Agency families as told through this eclectic selection of culinary adventures from postings around the world.

These fascinating recollections, told by members of current and retired CIA families, are embellished with recipes – many of which were inspired by the stories they accompany – including such unlikely concoctions as Brandy the Spy Dog’s Bone Shaped Sugar Cookies, Double Duty Lasagna, Top Secret Hot Dip, Balkan White Bean Stew, Crumpled Cheese Cake, Potatoes “The Good Housewife” Way, Om Ali (Mother of Ali) Pudding, and many more. test

some of what was said about the first volume:

“Serves up CIA recipes with a dash of spy intrigue.”
– Boston Globe

“The book puts a very human face on an organization that is by necessity faceless. From the humorous to the hair-raising, the tales go down like good cocktail party gossip… ferrying readers from Eastern Europe to the far East and beyond.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“It’s not exactly your standard-issue Junior League cookbook. Most of the cooks’ names remain classified and the anecdotes are sprinkled with beheadings and KGB tailings.”– U.S. News & World Report

“CIA people, famous for being tight-lipped, have spilled the beans in a spooky new cookbook.” – Boston Globe Online

recently released this sequel to Spies, Black Ties & Mango Pies. Fans of the original volume (now out of print) will find this exciting follow-up written with the same energy and humor.

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